Waste Reduction

What is waste reduction?

Reduce is the first “R” in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The best way to reduce waste is to prevent it at the start – avoid buying or acquiring items you don’t absolutely need, and replace single-use disposable items with reusable items.

Environmental impact

Worldwide, 500 billion single-use plastic bags are used each year, or about 150 bags annually for every person on earth.

Best practice examples

Coast Tsimshian Academy in Port Simpson (Lax-Kw’alaams School) used the Zero Waste Grant funds to install 2 water bottle refill stations. Cora Barak, Vice Principal at the Lax-Kw’alaams Coast Tsimshian Academy, had this to say about the project:

“The project has been a massive success. As a result of the water bottle refill stations teachers have purchased reusable water bottle sets for their classrooms and now students have significantly decreased their use of disposable water bottles. An unexpected result is the elimination of the sale of disposable water bottles from the recreation centre attached to the school. The water bottle refill station installed there was a celebrated success, as people previously had to walk through to the school side of the complex for a water fountain. The cafe at the recreation centre sold many disposable water bottles. Shortly after the installation of the water bottle refill station the recreation centre announced they would no longer sell disposable water bottles and indicated that this is because of the new water bottle refill station.”