Illegal Dumping

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is deliberately abandoned or dumped waste at an unauthorized location.

Illegal dumping is a growing problem.

Environmental Impact

Waste dumping represents 20 percent of the contaminated sites under the federal Contaminated Sites On-Reserve Program (CSOR).

Best Practice Examples

  • Locate signage and cameras in areas of known dumping.  Trail cameras can be used in most locations, and can be monitored remotely. 
  • “No Trespass” signs can be effective against non-resident illegal dumping.
  • Patrol and remove any dumped material ASAP.  Leaving it will only encourage further dumping.
  • If you find material dumped – try to identify the owner and return it as found.
  • Provide an additional pick-up service at a defined cost to reduce the need to dump.
  • Bylaws can help, but needs to be enforced.