About us

IZWTAG was founded in 2019 with the aim of assisting First Nations to implement zero waste programs. IZWTAG continues to develop its training opportunities and raises awareness about recycling programs for First Nations.

Preserving the natural
environment and
protecting nature

IZWTAG is proud to be an Indigenous run, non-profit society that was built on the foundation of protecting and preserving the environment and improving waste management within every First Nation community.

Each of IZWTAG’s founding members gained experience by being part of the B.C. First Nations Zero Waste Program, and passes on valuable knowledge through  training and community support. The founding members believe that our zero waste goals can be achieved and have established IZWTAG in order to meet these goals.

IZWTAG originally started as part of the B.C. First Nations Zero Waste Program. Indigenous Services Canada began the B.C. First Nations Zero Waste Program in 2008 after an assessment showed that the communities have similar needs and challenges. A common theme is the desire for recycling, composting, and waste reduction activities. Solutions are developed locally and in cooperation with many different Regional Districts, Product Stewards and service providers. To join the program, click HERE.

We’re here to offer training and support to all communities that need it. Get in touch to find out more about our services.

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