There is a range of training opportunities available for communities interested in implementing zero waste systems.

Our courses

We offer courses that cover a range of topics and applications, and that incorporate elements of waste reduction, recycling, composting. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), construction debris, oversized items, end-of-life vehicles and illegal dumping.

Our courses were developed by experts in pioneering and implementing community zero waste systems, each certified in various aspects of waste management. Our courses include:

This is fundamental training which uses interactive learning, discussion and field visits, to tech practical knowledge about zero waste, including operations, equipment, health and safety, handling material and customer care. Trainees are provided with a course manual and a starting set of personal protective equipment (PPE) to take back. This course is the pre-requisite for “Organizing and Managing Transfer Station and Eco Depot Operations.”

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An advanced course that covers how to set up and implement key components of waste management and waste reduction systems, including collection, handling and transfer of materials, health and safety, equipment maintenance, tracking and record keeping, and staff supervision.

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Community Recycling Champions can be key to a successful zero waste program. This course is an immersive experience to develop personal adaptive resources, a support network and a passionate perspective on providing communities with a recycling champion who will inspire waste reduction and diversion strategies at home. Trainees receive practical tools from workshop materials, a base PowerPoint presentation on the 4 Rs, a flyer template for distribution to households and recycling education resources and professional contacts in the field.

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Technical Training Modules provide in-depth training on specific aspects of waste management. IZWTAG is working with partners to develop a series of technical training modules. Household hazardous waste and composting are two priority training areas currently under development.

Who is eligible for training?

Our training is intended for individuals working on waste management in First Nation communities.

IZWTAG is able to offer an annual number of training spots at no cost to eligible individuals. Courses are available for community waste operators, recycling champions and facility managers. Trainees receive classroom and hands-on field instruction, along with practical tools. After completing a course, trainees receive a certificate of completion from IZWTAG and in some cases, a partner organization such as the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

Training dates

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Basics of Operating Zero Waste Systems

    Organizing and Managing Zero Waste Systems

      Community Recycling Champions

        Technical Training Module 1

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