What are all the benefits of becoming a General Member of IZWTAG?

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General membership is for the benefit of individuals who are directly responsible for waste management in First Nation communities.  Benefits include access to:

  • A network of members and experts who can offer support, information and resources
  • Subsidies for training costs, including travel, accommodation and registration fees
  • Reduced fees for annual membership renewals
  • Annual conference on zero waste management in First Nation communities
  • IZWTAG roundtables and working groups to tackle concerns and opportunities for First Nations zero waste systems
  • IZWTAG annual general meetings (general member have voting rights)
  • Free circulation of the Society’s publications, including the Annual Report, the Merganser newsletter and a copy of the annual calendar

As a member of IZWTAG you will contribute to the growth of all First Nation communities, including your own, by sharing your ideas, identifying challenges, developing new skills and strategies, and establishing resource and support networks. To apply or renew your membership, click the General Member link below.