Part Time Recycling Attendant

Functional Summary
Reporting to the lower yard supervisor, the recycling attendant is responsible for maintaining the recycling area, working to ensure the area is kept clean and organized, and reducing contamination by educating residents. Other responsibilities include sorting our mixed construction and demolition waste and keeping the site clean. when possible.

Recycling Attendant

  • Work with customers to minimize contamination within the different recycling streams being courteous at all times
  • Remove full mega bags to staging area and replace with an empty mega bag

o Track bags on required form and hand in at end of shift

  • Maintain staging area stacking mega bags when another person is available
  • Sort and place electronics in proper mega bags
  • Assist customers by loadings bags of compost/soil/mulch into their vehicle
  • Notify office when recycling supplies are required and if special pick ups for lights or batteries are required
  • Keep recycling area clean and in a position for customers to drop off their recycling


  • Sort through mixed C&D loads sorting the waste into different commodities
  • Work with the loader operator to remove waste C&D to the appropriate location when sorted
  • Bag compost/soil/mulch as required

Composting Technician-as per SOP

  • Use appropriate PPE in dome (N95 mask or half mask in addition to normal PPE)
  • Scrape and wash compost floor in between every batch process or compost turn/loading
  • Check and clear aeration trough between moving of bays
  • Clean the leachate sump pump
  • Clean the concrete space between compost piles prior to using compost cover
  • Cover and uncover piles as requested by composting foreman
  • Do daily maintenance check of the biofilter, composting blowers, and building envelope


  • Reports to Lower Yard Supervisor for recycling and misc
  • Reports to Composting Foreman under composting technician duties