Press Release: First Indigenous Led Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group

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IZWTAG (Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group), is an Indigenous led society dedicated to implementing environmentally-responsible waste management in First Nations communities.  It is hosting a gathering which includes representatives from 25 of the 60 First Nations across B.C. that are operating zero-waste facilities or programs;  this gathering is being held in conjunction with the annual Coast Waste Management Association conference at the Westin Bear Mountain in Langford B.C, on October 23rd, 2019 @ 9AM.

This inaugural event is a benchmark celebration of a decade of achievement in moving from on-site landfilling to state-of-the-art zero waste systems for over 60 B.C. First Nation communities. Already B.C. First Nations are recognized as a model of excellence and lead the country in indigenous programming for training, best practices, and innovation in recycling, composting, re-use, and waste reduction.  Strong relationships are key to this success and we will continue moving forward with our partners, Regional districts, Federal Government and Provincial Government. 

Six Indigenous BC citizens created the IZWTAG organization that works with and for First Nation communities in their stewardship of the land. First Nations have embraced recycling programs and environmentally responsible waste management practices to promote conservation and prevent dire health outcomes, and IZWTAG supports these actions with public education, technical advice, and training aimed at reducing waste and increasing the recovery of recyclable materials.  

During transition of on-site landfilling to state-of-the-art zero waste systems it was necessary to provide a training program to make the transition successful. A Level 1 and 2 training program in conjunction with the Solid Waste Association of North America and the Federal government was developed, and to date the program has placed over 180 students through the program.  IZWTAG continues to innovate, most recently creating the Community Recycling Champion training and piloting the Zero Waste Circuit Rider program to provide on-the-ground support for community operations.

On Wednesday, October 23, the proceedings include:

900 AM –  Arrival of Guests and Media

920 AM –  Welcome and Announcement

945 AM –  Thank you and Gift Presentation to Provincial Dignitaries and Indigenous Services Canada by IZWTAG President

1000AM – Media Q&A

IZWTAG (Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group) – Contact information

Vice President 

Roger Vickers

Board Member/Board Secretary

Isaiah Robinson


Kerry Gibson

We thank you for considering our invitation.  Please send RSVP by October 15th, 2019 to Isaiah Robinson, IZWTAG Director and Board Secretary at (604-869-6217).  Isaiah will be pleased to work on any follow-up arrangements.

Yours Sincerely,

Calvin Jameson