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Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group (IZWTAG), an indigenous organization assisting B.C. First Nations with implementing zero waste programs, announced today that they have partnered with three B.C. signatory stewardship agencies to ensure their stewardship program materials in First Nation communities across British Columbia are collected, handled, stored, transported, and managed responsibly. The signatory stewardship agencies IZWTAG has partnered with are BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), Product Care Recycling, and Canadian Battery Association (CBA).

IZWTAG is a non-profit society that was built on the foundation of protecting and preserving the environment and improving waste management within every First Nation community in British Columbia. The purpose of this new partnership with BCUOMA, Product Care and CBA is to:

  • Bring safe and efficient collection and recycling programs to First Nations communities.
  • Communicate technical and regulatory requirements to First Nations regarding the stewarded products they collect and prepare for transport.
  • Provide onsite health and safety and management support to First Nations participating in IZWTAG’s program.

“This cooperative partnership between IZWTAG, BCUOMA, Product Care, and CBA will ensure that products such as used oil, antifreeze, paint, household hazardous waste, lights, and automotive lead acid batteries are managed responsibly at the end of their life cycle, and transportation regulations are complied with,” said Calvin Jameson, President, Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group. “IZWTAG is thankful for this strategic partnership as it greatly enhances our ability to continue developing improved training opportunities and raise awareness about recycling programs located within First Nation communities across British Columbia, ultimately helping to protect the health and wellness of our natural environment.”

“BCUOMA has been an associate member of the Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory since 2019, and we have worked with various First Nation communities in B.C. to implement used oil collection systems. We are excited about this new collaboration with IZWTAG to bring safe, free, and convenient used oil and antifreeze recycling facilities to more Indigenous communities across the province,” said David Lawes, CEO, BC Used Oil Management Association. “Creating zero waste solutions and building on BC’s circular economy is an important initiative for BC Used Oil Management Association.”

“IZWTAG is a progressive organization, and they want to ensure that First Nations communities located all over British Columbia have access to recycling services to return their lighting products, smoke and CO alarms, and household hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides, and flammable liquids,” said Mark Kurschner, President, Product Care Recycling. “Product Care is committed to protecting the environment by providing waste diversion solutions to all communities.”

“The proper management of lead acid batteries, with the assistance of innovative partners like IZWTAG, helps to achieve sustainability, and zero waste, and pollution prevention objectives in First Nations communities,” said Colin McKean, Executive Director, Canadian Battery Association. “Canadian Battery Association’s mission is to provide information, advocacy and benefits that support the responsible management of lead acid batteries for all British Columbians.”

This partnership between Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group, BC Used Oil Management Association, Product Care Association, and Canadian Battery Association was finalized during IZWTAG Days that took place on April 26th – 27th, 2023. All three stewardships are also Associate Members of IZWTAG.

About Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group

IZWTAG was founded in 2019 with the aim of assisting First Nations to implement zero waste programs. IZWTAG continues to develop its training opportunities and raises awareness about recycling programs for First Nations. We are proud to be an Indigenous run, non-profit society that was built on the foundation of protecting and preserving the environment and improving waste management within every First Nation community.

Each of IZWTAG’s founding members gained experience by being part of the B.C. First Nations Zero Waste Program and passes on valuable knowledge through training and community support. The founding members believe that our zero waste goals can be achieved and have established IZWTAG to meet these goals.

About BC Used Oil Management Association

Formed in 2003, the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA) is a collaborative, not-for-profit group dedicated to the collection and recycling of used lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers, and used antifreeze and antifreeze containers in BC. Each year approximately 50 million litres of oil and 3 million litres of antifreeze are collected and responsibly managed through BCUOMA’s network of public recycling centres and generators across the province. Assisted by manufacturers and first sellers of oil and antifreeze products, BCUOMA’s goal is to provide all British Columbians with a convenient, free, and eco-friendly way to recycle program materials. 94 percent of British Columbians currently have reasonable access to recycling locations. For a comprehensive listing of all the public recycling centres across BC visit For general BCUOMA information, visit

About Product Care Recycling

Product Care Recycling is a federally incorporated industry funded not-for-profit organization that provides recycling solutions for post-consumer paint, household hazardous waste, lighting products, and alarms. Since 1994, Product Care has encouraged consumers to reduce their waste and reuse when possible, and to return unwanted products to a recycling location to ensure they are managed responsibly at their end-of-life. With thousands of recycling locations offering free product drop off across Canada, Product Care makes recycling accessible and diverts post-consumer products from landfills and waterways. For more information about Product Care’s recycling programs or to find a recycling location, visit

About Canadian Battery Association

The Canadian Battery Association (CBA) is a federally registered not‑for‑profit trade association established to promote the stewardship of lead batteries in Canada and their responsible management from coast to coast to coast. As the voice of the lead battery industry in Canada, CBA proactively advocates for the lead battery industry on regulatory and legislative policy issues, while assisting members to manage the complex Federal and Provincial regulatory frameworks.